35 Aktive WordPress – Plugins

Ich weiß zwar, dass ein Blog mit viel weni­ger aus­kommt. Und die Bas­tel­kö­ni­ge unter den Blog­gern ken­nen für vie­le die­ser Hel­fer­lein Code­schnip­sel oder jeden­falls per­for­mance­scho­nen­de­re Lösun­gen. Und wenn es der kom­plet­te Ver­zicht dar­auf wäre.

Aber auch das soll schließ­lich jeder hal­ten wie er will. Seit ich die fan­ta­ti­schen Wor­d­Press-The­mes von Elma­stu­dio hier ein­set­ze habe ich mir ehr­lich gesagt kei­ne Gedan­ken mehr über die Per­for­mance mei­nes Blogs gemacht. Viel­leicht liegt es auch an den Wor­d­Press-Fort­schrit­ten selbst aber über die all­ge­mei­ne Per­for­mance, sowohl im Front- als auch im Backend, habe ich kei­ner­lei Kla­gen.

Hier also nun mei­ne 35 akti­ven Plug­ins für euch zum Durch­ge­hen. Viel­leicht kann der eine oder ande­re ja damit etwas anfan­gen. Ich ste­he gern zur Ver­fü­gung, falls jemand Nach­fra­gen zum Ein­satz oder zum Sinn der Plug­ins hat. 🙂

  1. AddQuicktag (Version: 2.0.3)

    Allows you to easi­ly add custom Quick­tags to the html- and visu­al-edi­tor.
    Crea­ted by: Frank Bült­ge

  2. Antispam Bee (Version: 2.3)

    Easy and extre­me­ly pro­duc­tive spam-fighting plug­in with many sophisti­ca­ted solu­ti­ons. Inclu­des pro­tec­tion again track­back spam.
    Crea­ted by: Ser­gej Mül­ler

  3. Audio player (Version:

    Audio Play­er is a high­ly con­fi­gura­ble but simp­le mp3 play­er for all your audio needs. You can custo­mi­se the player’s colour sche­me to match your blog the­me, have it auto­ma­ti­cal­ly show track infor­ma­ti­on from the encoded ID3 tags and more. Go to your Set­tings page to start con­fi­gu­ring it.
    Crea­ted by: Mar­tin Lai­ne

  4. Better WordPress Recent Comments (Version: 1.2.0)

    This plug­in dis­plays recent com­ment lists at assi­gned loca­ti­ons. It does not add any signi­fi­cant load to your web­site. The com­ment list is updated on the fly when a visi­tor adds a com­ment or when you mode­ra­te one. No addi­tio­nal que­ries are nee­ded for end-users. Some Icons by Yusuke Kamiya­ma­ne.
    Crea­ted by: Khang Minh

  5. Comment Rating (Version: 2.9.32)

    Allows visi­tors to rate com­ments in a Like vs. Dis­li­ke fashion with click­able images. Poor­ly-rated & high­ly-rated com­ments can be dis­play­ed dif­fer­ent­ly. This plug­in is simp­le and light-weight.
    Crea­ted by: Bob King

  6. FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend (Version: 1.0.0)

    This is a plug­in ori­gi­nal­ly aut­ho­red by Ste­ve Smith. It detects all ways to access your ori­gi­nal Wor­d­Press feeds and redi­rects them to your FeedBur­ner feed. I enhan­ced it base on the FeedBur­ner Feed­S­mith and now it can redi­rects feeds for cate­go­ry and tag also.
    Crea­ted by: Jiayu (James) Ji

  7. Google XML Sitemaps (Version: 3.2.6)

    This plug­in will gene­ra­te a spe­cial XML sitemap which will help search engi­nes like Goog­le, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com to bet­ter index your blog.
    Crea­ted by: Arne Brach­hold

  8. Google+Blog (Version: 1.1.0)

    A plug­in to import your posts from Goog­le+.
    Crea­ted by: Dani­el Tre­ad­well

  9. jQuery lazy load plugin (Version: v0.13)

    a quick and dir­ty wor­d­press plug­in to enab­le image lazy loa­ding.
    Crea­ted by: Andrew Ng

  10. KB Advanced RSS Widget (Version: 2.8.02)

    Gives user com­ple­te con­trol over how feeds are dis­play­ed.
    Crea­ted by: Adam R. Brown

  11. Last.Fm Records (Version: 1.6.2)

    The Last.Fm Records plug­in lets you show what you are lis­ten­ing to, with a litt­le help from our fri­ends at last.fm.
    Crea­ted by: Jero­en Smeets

  12. No Self Pings (Version: 0.2)

    Keeps Wor­d­Press from sen­ding pings to your own site.
    Crea­ted by: Micha­el D. Adams

  13. P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) (Version: 1.1.1)

    See which plug­ins are slo­wing down your site. Crea­te a pro­fi­le of your Wor­d­Press site’s plug­ins‘ per­for­mance by mea­su­ring their impact on your site’s load time.
    Crea­ted by: GoDaddy.com

  14. Polldaddy Polls & Ratings (Version: 2.0.12)

    Crea­te and mana­ge Polldad­dy polls and ratings in Wor­d­Press
    Crea­ted by: Auto­mat­tic, Inc.

  15. Quote Comments (Version: 2.1.7)

    Crea­tes a litt­le quo­te icon in com­ment boxes which, when cli­cked, copies that com­ment to the com­ment box wrap­ped in blo­ck­quo­tes.
    Crea­ted by: Joen Asmus­sen

  16. Do Follow (Version: 4.0)

    Remo­ves the evil nofol­low attri­bu­te that Wor­d­Press adds in com­ments.
    Crea­ted by: Denis de Ber­nar­dy

  17. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded (Version: 2.0.2)

    Sub­scri­be to Com­ments Rel­oa­ded is a robust plug­in that enab­les com­ment­ers to sign up for e-mail noti­fi­ca­ti­ons. It inclu­des a full-fea­tured sub­scrip­ti­on mana­ger that your com­ment­ers can use to unsub­scri­be to cer­tain posts or sus­pend all noti­fi­ca­ti­ons.
    Crea­ted by: camu

  18. Target Blank In Posts And Comments (Version: 3.2)

    Keep your visi­tors. Inserts target=„_blank“ into post and com­ment con­tent URLs and exter­nal links will open in new tabs.
    Crea­ted by: Lazar Kova­ce­vic

  19. TinyMCE Advanced (Version: 3.4.5)

    Enab­les advan­ced fea­tures and plug­ins in TinyMCE, the visu­al edi­tor in Wor­d­Press.
    Crea­ted by: Andrew Ozz

  20. Visual Editor – Blog Theme Stylesheet (Version:

    This plug­in per­mits inte­gra­ti­on of own, the­me based style­sheet into Visu­al TinyMCE Edi­tor live wri­ting. Defi­ne your custom styles as addi­tio­nal style file tinymce_blog_themed.css at your the­me direc­to­ry. Every inclu­ded class defi­ni­ti­on appears at TinyMCE but­ton bar as drowp­down box after­wards for your per­so­nal choi­se.
    Crea­ted by: Hei­ko Rabe

  21. Tumblr Widget (Version: 1.4.7)

    Dis­plays a Tumb­lr on a Wor­d­Press page.
    Crea­ted by: Gabri­el Roth

  22. Widget Logic (Version: 0.51)

    Con­trol wid­gets with WP’s con­di­tio­nal tags is_home etc
    Crea­ted by: Alan Tre­war­tha

  23. Wikipedia AutoLink (Version: 1.1.01)

    Link auto­ma­ti­cal­ly all the high­light­ed wor­ds with the syn­tax [w: term] on the defi­ni­ti­on from Wiki­pe­dia.
    Crea­ted by: Cris­tia­no Fino

  24. WordPress Backup (by BTE) (Version: 1.8.2)

    Back­up the upload direc­to­ry (images), cur­rent the­me direc­to­ry, and plug­ins direc­to­ry to a zip file. Zip files optio­nal­ly sent to email.
    Crea­ted by: Blog Traf­fic Exchan­ge

  25. WP-Optimize (Version: 0.9.4)

    This plug­in helps you to keep your data­ba­se clean by remo­ving post revi­si­ons and spams in a bla­ze. allows you to rena­me your admin name also. Addi­tio­nal­ly it allows you to run opti­mi­ze com­mand on your wor­d­press core tables (use with cau­ti­on).
    Crea­ted by: Ruha­ni Rabin

  26. WP-PageNavi (Version: 2.81)

    Adds a more advan­ced paging navi­ga­ti­on to your Wor­d­Press blog
    Crea­ted by: Les­ter ‚GaMerZ‘ Chan & scri­bu

  27. WP PHP widget (Version: 1.0.2)

    WP PHP wid­get adds a new wid­get cal­led PHP Wid­get, which will allow you to inclu­de PHP code, you can have Text, HTML, Java­script, Flash and/or PHP code ‚wor­d­press tem­pla­te tags as con­tent or tit­le in this wid­get.
    So, as long as you want, it can do ever­y­thing, that is great­ful.
    Crea­ted by: wpxue

  28. Plugin Lister (Version: 2.1.0)

    Out­puts all of your active plug­ins via PHP for use in page tem­pla­tes & more (inclu­ding the opti­on to dis­play your the­me). Just call: <?php wp_list_all_active_plugins(); ?>
    Crea­ted by: Paul G Pet­ty

  29. WP-post-view (Version: 1.0)

    Easi­ly dis­play the views visi­ted of each post. Tracks the views in each posts visi­ted, views num­ber are also dis­play in each row of the post in the admin area. Sim­ply add this code echo_post_views(get_the_ID()); any­whe­re to dis­play AFTER Crea­ted by: Towards Tech­no­lo­gy

  30. WP Render Blogroll Links (Version: 2.1.8)

    Out­puts your Blog­roll links to a Page or Post. This extre­me­ly simp­le plug-in enab­les you to crea­te your own Links page without having to wri­te a custom tem­pla­te.
    The out­put can easi­ly be sty­led with CSS. Each cate­go­ry with its links is encap­su­la­ted in a DIV with a class­na­me cal­led „link­cat“. All the links are attri­bu­t­ed with the class „brlink“.
    Crea­ted by: Tanin Ehrami

  31. WP-Slimbox2 (Version:

    A Wor­d­Press imple­men­ta­ti­on of the Slimbox2 java­script, uti­li­zing jQue­ry, ori­gi­nal­ly writ­ten by Chris­to­phe Beyls. Requi­res WP 2.6+
    Crea­ted by: Greg Ying­ling (mal­ca­levak)

  32. WP Smush.it (Version: 1.5.0)

    Redu­ce image file sizes and impro­ve per­for­mance using the Smush.it API wit­hin Wor­d­Press.
    Crea­ted by: Dialect

  33. WP Widget Cache (Version: 0.25.4)

    Cache the out­put of your blog wid­gets. Usual­ly it will signi­fi­cant­ly redu­ce the sql que­ries to your data­ba­se and speed up your site.
    Crea­ted by: Andrew Zhang

  34. wpCompressor (Version: 0.3)

    wpCom­pres­sor auto­ma­tic com­pres­si­on assu­mes the data out­put and boosts the per­for­mance of the blog pages.
    Crea­ted by: Ser­gej Mül­ler

  35. wpSEO (Version: 3.0.1)

    Power­ful and relia­ble Plug­in for search engi­ne opti­mi­za­ti­on and meta­da­ta for­mat­ting. A Swiss Army Kni­fe of SEO with inno­va­ti­on from Ger­ma­ny.
    Crea­ted by: Ser­gej Mül­ler

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    Schö­nes Wochen­en­de!

    1. 30 von die­sen hier auf­ge­zähl­ten Plug­ins habe ich nach die­sen 5 Jah­ren nicht mehr im Ein­satz. Dafür ganz vie­le ande­re. Es ist so, wie du geschrie­ben hast. Ich sehe ein neu­es Plug­in, guck es mir an und schwupp bleibt es. Sehr oft jeden­falls.

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